What Is the Future of Solar Energy?

For years, solar energy has been a big topic of conversation and has seemed to ebb and flow over the years, depending on the cost of other energy sources, like coal. According to the Environment America Research and Policy Center, the top three states using solar energy include Arizona, California, and Colorado. Through research, it has been revealed solar-powered Voltaics produce 96% less pollution than coal-fired which helps to protect the environment from global warming. With increased use, what is the future of solar energy?

In many states in the United States, particularly in California, solar power has become as efficient at producing electricity as conventional sources such as natural gas and coal. While the means of acquiring solar energy have come a long way since they were first introduced, there are still some limitations that sometimes prevent solar energy from being used as the primary source of energy.

Manufacturers of solar panels have been conducting extensive research so they can create panels that offer the ability to obtain energy from the sun in a much more cost-effective way. One idea that is still being worked on, is coating solar panels in graphene, which is an allotrope of carbon. This coating is said to be able to improve the overall performance of solar-powered voltaic devices so solar energy can be relied upon more heavily.

A recent study offers promising results that may soon be used in the production of solar panels. Researchers believe they will be able to access infrared light and turn it into visible light. By directing the infrared light onto the solar panel, the level of energy absorption could be dramatically increased, allowing for an affordable solution to using solar energy.

Using this new technology, they will be able to make silicon transistors absorb solar energy much more effectively, for a greater level of stored energy so these panels can be fully relied on to meet the needs of both commercial and residential sources.

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