Are Uniforms a Good Idea for Trade Show Personnel?

There are all sorts of details to work out before setting up an exhibit at a trade show. Along with choosing the right printed matter and arranging for some type of electronic display, there is the matter of deciding what the company representatives will wear while at the show. One way to go is to come up with some type of uniform. Here are some ideas to consider.

Jackets for Everyone

One way to come up with the right look is to ensure every member of the team has a blazer or jacket bearing the company name and logo. Depending on the type of trade show involved, a casual jacket paired with genes and a Polo shirt will be fine. Dressier events will call for a simple shirt or blouse matched with the same color of pants or skirts. If ties or scarves are to be part of the ensemble, make sure they are the same color for everyone.

Saying It With Polo or Button-Down Shirts

Another way to go is to forget about blazers or jackets and go with a nice button-down shirt. This option can also include the company logo and name and be paired with other wardrobe elements that fit into the general ambiance of the show and reflect the exhibitor’s corporate values.

Warm weather generally calls for something light. A Polo shirt works fine in this instance. Even in a crowded space, it will be easier to project a look of being cool, calm, and collected.

If one of these shirt designs are chosen, consider ordering some extra to give away. It also wouldn’t hurt to have tee shirts bearing the company name and log on hand to give out. Some of the recipients will be happy to wear them over the course of the event and provide some free advertising.

The bottom line is that uniforms or at least coordinated clothing can be a powerful tool in Event promotion. Talk with an expert today and decide what sort of customized attire would work best. Remember to order extra items in case one of the shirts or jackets are stained or damaged before the show is over.