For the Best Results, Make Divorce in Singapore a Team Manner

Singapore law is not known for its subtlety, and spouses may need to leap through a few contested hurdles to validate and finally confirm their claims for divorce. A divorce lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law will walk a pair through the trials of divorce, from the initial applications to the final confirmation as heard from the courts.

Divorce is a team manner. It should be for both parties to get the most out of it. In other countries, divorce is often seen as a raucous battle between two parties that fundamentally disagree. This is not necessarily the best approach for divorce in Singapore, though it is admittedly an often unavoidable one. It is best for both partners to come to agreeable terms, and find consolation in confirming their divorce together in the court of the law. The courts will provide the largest obstacles. It makes it only more challenging to add another competing party to the discussion.

The courts will move potential divorcees through a trialed process of proving some kind of invalidation in the marriage. This is a term that states that the divorce is inevitable and the only logical outcome for a situation. This includes infidelity, but it is not restricting to an extra-marital affair. Either spouse can build an irrevocable case on “unreasonable behavior,” which expands to include many actions that are not necessarily based on infidelity. A partner can abuse the other, physically or emotionally, while also living in the same home.

The latter point includes a type of divorce claim that is entirely different from abuse or infidelity. This includes a separation of four years as both agreed and proven by both spouses. In short, the split could include living in separate homes for over four years. Some exceptions can be made with the four-year timeline when combined with other factors. This, in the eyes of the court, would mean a breach of any agreement made in marriage.

Singapore has never taken divorce lightly, and that continues in 2017. It is a serious manner to get married, and it is a serious manner to divorce. The courts reflect this in what they seek and ask for in divorce proceeding.