Tips for Getting a Job With a Criminal Record

It’s increasingly common for employers to use background checks as part of the normal hiring process. While it’s important for employers to do their due diligence, it can prevent some people with criminal records from finding a job. In some areas, an employer making a hiring decision may even consider information about arrests that did not lead to convictions. While employers generally cannot use an applicant’s criminal history as the sole basis for a decision, enforcing such laws is very difficult. If a person has a record, a criminal defense lawyer may recommend the tips listed below.

Seal the Criminal Record

If the conviction occurred years ago or when the applicant was a minor, they may be able to have the records expunged or sealed, depending on state law. Records might be sealed if the person was underage, had a favorable outcome or was charged with a minor offense such as a traffic violation.

Set Realistic Expectations

Employers usually have a great deal of leeway when determining whether an applicant’s criminal record disqualifies them from the duties of the job for which they’re applying. In practice, criminal convictions may keep a person out of multiple industries, such as security, law enforcement and banking, to name just a few. Unfortunately, if a person has recent charges, they may have to take an entry-level, lower-paying job at first, regardless of their experience and qualifications.

Be Honest and Forthcoming

Admitting to a conviction before it appears on an employer’s background check may impress a hiring manager who values candor and honesty. Applicants should be proactive and mention the conviction during a job interview, as long as they have answers as to why the conviction occurred and why the issues that led to the arrest are no longer present.

The criminal defense lawyers at local legal firms are aware of the difficulties encountered by those with criminal convictions as they enter the job market. If a person needs help with getting a record sealed, or if they are facing charges, they can consult a local criminal lawyer by phone or online. Call or click today to set up a consultation.